This list of links is my personal pick of the best websites. I spend a lot of time surfing the Internet, visiting all types of sites while my boss thinks I am actually working ;-)

From time to time I find sites I think are worth keeping and bookmark them. Then about once every few weeks I disk off all my bookmarks and take them home to add to my own list (Yes the equipment at the place where I work is so old that they still have floppy drives, but I guess I should not laugh because my computer at home has a floppy drive too, but in my case I added the drive myself to transfer stuff I download at work - and I should not complain, because I would probably get caught if I tried to burn it onto DVD, it takes a lot longer than a floppy copy).

On this site I'll give you a list of all the best bookmarks, I'll categorise them and keep adding to them as I find more great sites. I'll also add more categories from time to time, so this site is always fresh. This means that you had better bookmark this site yourself, you cannot come here to find out where here is! But fortunately this will be the only bookmark you need, because once you are here, it has got all the links that you want.

MORE categories leading to MORE pages filled with MORE links will be COMING SOON.
Businesses Website Traffic Jokes Reality Sites
Aliens & UFOs Magic Spells Blogs Ghosts
Movies & Films Paranormal Games Health & Beauty
Photography Electronics Financial Credit
Fitness Gambolling Lifestyle Womens Fashion
Computers Website Services Entertainment Dating
Phones Religion DIY Tools & Hardware Pets & Animals
Science Fiction Detective Fiction Fiction Martial Arts
Sports Home Improvement Real Estate Adult Sites
Other Link Sites MORE to come
MORE categories leading to MORE pages filled with MORE links will be COMING SOON.